Background of Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands



🚨 Taxi Scam

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💬 Tourists may be taken for a ride by an unmetered taxi, with the driver asking for an inflated fare when you reach your destination. Some drivers may also display a sign that says 'fixed price' and then demand a higher fare.

💡 Only use metered taxis, and only ride in vehicles with the meter turned on. Call a taxi or use one of the numerous apps available to order a taxi.

🚨 Pickpocketing

💬 Pickpocketing is a common tourist scam, with thieves taking advantage of the distraction caused by large crowds or confusion caused by busy tourist areas. Thieves may use sharp objects such as razor blades to quickly cut open bags or pockets to steal items.

💡 Always keep your bag close to your body and be aware of your surroundings. Stay in well-lit and well-trafficked areas, and never leave valuables sitting unattended in public.

🚨 Fake Police

💬 Fake police officers may approach tourists, claiming to be police and asking for documents or money. Fake police may even intimidate victims into handing over large sums of money ‘for fines’ or ‘for investigation’.

💡 Police officers should always be able to present valid identification upon request. Real police will never threaten or intimidate you into handing over money. If you are approached by someone who claims to be a police officer, ask to see their identification and check for the police emblem. If you think the person is not a real police officer, walk away or seek aid from a tourist information center.

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