Background of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain



🚨 Petition Scam

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💬 This scam is targeting tourists by using friendly and kind people. Someone on the street, often dressed in an official-looking uniforms, will approach a tourist and tell them that they are collecting signatures for a good cause. They ask the tourist to sign the petition and in return for signing, they ask for a donation. In reality, it is just a way to get money out of tourists.

💡 Never sign petitions or donate to people on the street. If anyone asks you to sign a petition, decline and continue on your way.

🚨 The Rose Seller

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💬 This scam is predominantly carried out by children and teenagers. They approach tourists with long-stem roses, claiming that it is a gift. They will then demand payment for the roses when the tourists open the gift. Tourists are often coerced into paying for the roses, as people don’t want to embarrass themselves by saying no in public.

💡 When approached by someone offering a 'free' gift, remain suspicious. Don't indulge in any conversations with these sellers or take the 'gift'. Simply decline and move on as soon as possible.

🚨 Wallet Theft

💬 Pickpockets in Barcelona are very skilled and often operate in groups. They are difficult to identify as they often blend in and operate in busy areas like markets, crowded streets and tourist attractions. They will target people with loose pockets or bags and swiftly take wallets, purses, or phones without people realising.

💡 Always be aware of your surroundings and travel with limited valuable items. Keep wallets in front pockets and bags securely in front of you. Wear bags diagonally across the body and keep them zipped or snapped closed.

🚨 Card Skimming

💬 Card skimming devices are often attached to ATMs in Barcelona, and are used to steal information from debit and credit cards. The devices capture the card numbers and PIN codes of users, which is then used to access accounts or clone cards. Scammers often place hidden cameras in the vicinity of the ATMs in order to capture PIN codes.

💡 Only use ATMs in well-lit areas and don't leave any cards or receipts behind. Make sure no one observes you when entering your PIN, and avoid using ATMs that look suspicious or tampered with.

🚨 Taxi Scam

💬 This is a popular scam in Spain, as tourists are not familiar with the area. Tourists are often charged four or five times the normal fare as the driver takes a longer route to the destination. This is done to get more money out of tourists who have no knowledge of the area they are travelling in.

💡 Get a fare estimate before getting into the taxi. Ask a local for an estimate of the fare to the destination. Also, agree on the fare for the journey before getting into the vehicle.

🚨 Fake Newspaper Salesman Scam

💬 If you leave your phone out on a table at a cafe/restaurant while you’re eating, scammers will often come to your table and act as though they’re selling you a newspaper or magazine. They’ll put the magazine/newspaper on the table (on top of your phone) to show their products, then take your phone when they lift the newspaper off.

💡 Never leave your phone out on the table or on a bar. Keep your phone close to your person and out of plain view while sitting in public spaces.

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