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🚨 Fake Monks

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💬 Some fake monks, usually dressed in yellow or saffron robes, will appear in tourist areas such as the Temple of Heaven Park and the Lama Temple. They will approach you asking for a donation for a 'good cause', but once the money is given, they will disappear quickly

💡 If approached by a monk or anyone else requesting a donation, do not agree immediately and try to question the monk about which temple or monastery they are from. It is best to avoid giving donations as it is hard to know which charities are genuine.

🚨 Tour Guides

💬 Tour guides and travel agents can try to take advantage of tourists by charging high prices for tours, tickets and other services. There are also reports of tour companies using 'bait-and-switch' tactics, where customers are promised one thing and then pressured or tricked into taking something else

💡 Research multiple tour operators before signing any agreements, and read reviews of other travelers. Look out for the logo of the Beijing Tourism Administration, as this is a reliable way to ensure that you are dealing with legitimate businesses.

🚨 Pickpockets

💬 Pickpocketing is a popular scam in Beijing, and is especially common in busy tourist areas. Pickpockets usually operate in groups and often use sleight of hand to take wallets and other items from unsuspecting tourists

💡 Keep your possessions close to you at all times and be wary of any distractions. Don't leave valuables in hotel rooms or streetside kiosks, and always keep an eye on your bags. Be cautious of anyone who suddenly approaches you in a crowded place.

🚨 Fake Currency

💬 Counterfeit yuan is becoming increasingly common in China, and can be used by criminals and tricksters to take advantage of tourists. It is important to familiarize yourself with genuine Chinese currency so you can spot a fake note if you receive one

💡 The safest way to ensure you are not given counterfeit yuan is to exchange currency at a bank. In addition, vendors may check notes using ultraviolet scanners so they can detect fake notes. Be careful when purchasing items from shops, bars, or restaurants as the sales person may switch your legitimate notes for fake ones.

🚨 Art Gallery Scam

💬 Someone will come up to you on the street and invite you back to their “art gallery” or “art school” to see traditional Chinese paintings. These works are mass produced and insanely over priced. Often tourists are told they can’t leave until they buy something.

💡 Do not go with anyone that approaches you on the street to go to their “gallery” “store” “school”or anything else. They are all scams and often extortion tactics.

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