Background of Berlin, Germany



🚨 Pickpocketing

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💬 Pickpocketing is a common problem in larger cities, and Berlin is no exception. They usually work in teams and will intentionally crowd around a person to distract them while they pick their pocket.

💡 Be aware of your surroundings and always keep your valuables close to you. Do not keep all of your money in one place and be careful when you are in crowded areas.

🚨 The Broken Taxi Meter Scam

💬 This is a scam that is often used by taxi drivers. They will tell the passenger that their meter is broken and ask for a flat rate to take them to their destination. This rate is usually much higher than what the taxi would normally cost.

💡 Always look for licensed taxis and never take an unlicensed cab. Ask for the meter to be activated before entering the taxi and always agree on the price of the fare before you get into the vehicle.

🚨 The Fake Tour Guide Scam

💬 This is a scam that is commonly used in tourist areas. Someone will approach the tourist and offer them a tour of the city for an unusually low price. They will then take the tourist around to a few sites, but they will be fake sites that are not part of the tour package.

💡 Be wary of anyone offering you a tour at a suspiciously low price. Research tour packages before you arrive in Berlin and only book with official companies that can provide you with a legitimate guide.

🚨 Fake Ticket Scam

💬 This is a common scam that targets tourists in Berlin. Someone will approach the tourist and offer them a great deal on tickets to a show or event. They will take the tourist’s money and then provide fake tickets or no tickets at all.

💡 Do not accept offers for tickets from strangers. Research events ahead of time and purchase tickets from an official website or vendor.

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