Background of Bogotá, Colombia



🚨 Pickpocket Scam

💬 Pickpockets often work in crowded areas such as tourist attractions, public transportation, and large markets. They use distraction techniques such as asking questions or bumping into you to get you off guard and open up an opportunity to steal your wallet or belongings.

💡 Be aware of your surroundings and keep your valuables close to you. If possible, leave expensive items at your accommodation and only take what you need for the day.

🚨 Taxi Driver Scam

💬 Unscrupulous taxi drivers may try to take advantage of tourists by overcharging for their services or, even worse, taking them to an isolated area to extort them. These criminals often appear to be legitimate taxi drivers.

💡 When taking a taxi in Bogotá, make sure to agree on the price before getting into the taxi and try to get pre-arranged rides from your accommodation or tourist attractions if possible.

🚨 Fake Donation Scam

💬 In this scam, criminals pose as representatives of charitable organizations and approach unsuspecting tourists to “donate” money to the charity. They may also hand out flyers in touristy areas to solicit donations.

💡 Do research on the charities you wish to donate to and never give to individuals you do not know claiming to represent a charity. If possible, donate directly to the organization online.

🚨 Fake Police Scam

💬 In this scam, criminals dress up as police officers and approach tourists to inspect their passports or wallets as part of an investigation. Once they have the tourist’s personal items, they will use it as leverage to extort money.

💡 Real police officers will never ask to check your passport or wallet on the street. Only present your documents when asked to at official checkpoints such as airports and banks. Do not accept offers to “help” you if you are ever stopped by the police.

🚨 Missing Corner Currency

💬 Taxi driver accepts your money for the fare and then unsuspectingly swaps it out for a fake bill. He claims that the one you gave him was missing a corner and kindly asks if you wouldn't mind swapping it out for one that isn't missing a corner since its so much harder for them to use if it's damaged. You've now paid double for your fare and are stuck with a fake bill.

💡 Be sure to inspect your bills before you give it to the driver so you won't be caught off-guard if they claim your bill is damaged or "missing a corner".

Do you know of a scam that's missing?