Background of Firenze, Florence, Italy



🚨 Distraction Scam

πŸ’¬ This is a common scam in Florence where someone might attempt to distract you by asking for help and then steal your belongings while you’re distracted.

πŸ’‘ Be aware of your belongings at all times and be wary of strangers asking to help you.

🚨 Pick Pocketing

πŸ’¬ Pick pocketing is a very common scam in Florence. Pickpocketers may target tourists in crowded public places.

πŸ’‘ Be aware of your belongings at all times in crowded public places. Always carry a cross-body bag and avoid carrying large amounts of cash.

🚨 Fake Taxi Scam

πŸ’¬ Fake taxis are a common scam in Florence. In this scam someone will operate a car as if it is a legitimate taxi but will charge exorbitant fees.

πŸ’‘ When taking a taxi in Florence, only use licensed cabs. You can identify a licensed cab by the branded logo it displays and by checking the car license plate number.

🚨 Restaurant Scam

πŸ’¬ This is a common scam in restaurants in Florence where a tourist is presented with a menu with significantly overpriced items.

πŸ’‘ Read the menu carefully before ordering to make sure that the prices are fair. It's a good idea to research the local food prices before visiting a restaurant.

🚨 Counterfeit Money Scam

πŸ’¬ This scam involves vendors and shopkeepers attempting to pass off counterfeit bills as real currency.

πŸ’‘ Inspect the money you receive from vendors and shopkeepers in Florence closely and if you are suspicious, do not accept it and ask for another bill.

🚨 The Painting Scam

πŸ’¬ Within high foot traffic areas, you will find a people who sell a bunch of paintings, or drawings, displayed on the floor. The idea is that someone, potentially involved with the scam, will bump you into stepping on one of the artworks. You will be harassed into paying for what you damaged at an exorbitant price.

πŸ’‘ Keep your distance from these scammers and watch where you are walking. It's easiest to recognize what they are doing and just go around them.

Do you know of a scam that's missing?