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🚨 Tailor scams

💬 Tailor scams can take a variety of different forms, from asking unsuspecting tourists for more money after they have paid for a service to charging excessive prices for inferior products. The scammer may also offer a free gift and add the cost to the overall total. The scammer might also attempt to switch fabrics or materials without informing the customer.

💡 Be sure to shop around before choosing a tailor. Research reviews online and compare prices. Agree on the final cost and details before the work is started.

🚨 Sham watch stores

💬 Sham watch stores are located in areas typically frequented by tourists. The stores charge exorbitant prices for watches that are greatly marked up in value. The watches are often counterfeits, made with cheap parts and poor craftsmanship.

💡 Be wary of watch stores advertising heavily discounted products. Visit reputable watch stores and compare prices online. Use caution when purchasing a watch from an unknown store.

🚨 Fake monasteries

💬 Fake monasteries are establishments run by scam artists who pose as monks or nuns. The fraudsters may try to sell overpriced “religious items” or ask for donations that will supposedly help vulnerable members of the community. They may also inform tourists that they have to purchase certain items in order to gain access to a temple or area.

💡 Stay away from any monasteries that appear suspicious. Research legitimate monasteries in the area before visiting. Do not purchases any items or donate money unless you are sure of its legitimacy.

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