Background of Honolulu, Hawaii, United States


United States

🚨 Fake Tours

💬 This scam involves fake tour operators that promise day trips, sightseeing, or other tourist activities, but never delivers. They may accept payments but will cancel the tour and never return your money.

💡 When booking tours, be sure to research the company or operator to ensure they are reputable and not a scam. Use review sites to find out what other travelers have to say. Do not give out any personal information or payment information until you are sure the tour is legitimate.

🚨 Airport Pick-Up Scam

💬 Scammers may approach you at the airport offering to take you to your destination for a fee. This scam involves overcharging, taking you to the wrong address, or providing low quality service.

💡 In Honolulu, it is best to take authorized airport transportation services, such as Airport Waikiki Shuttle or Robert’s Hawaii Airport Express Shuttle. Do not accept offers that seem too good to be true and always compare prices before you commit.

🚨 Everything is Free

💬 This scam involves street vendors, usually found in Waikiki, offering free items, such as Hawaiian leis or other trinkets, with the promise of a free gift after you purchase the first item. However, the vendor will try to pressure the tourist into buying more expensive items.

💡 Never accept offers that seem too good to be true. If someone is offering something for free, be sure to ask questions and get all the information before proceeding. Check prices online to compare prices and know what you are getting.

🚨 Taxi Fare Rip off

💬 Taxi drivers may overcharge their customers, add extra fees, drive circuitous routes, or claim that they can’t accept credit cards to avoid card transaction fees.

💡 When taking taxis in Honolulu, it’s best to call a reputable company, such as Roberts Hawaii or Checker Cab, to have a driver arrive at your location with a known rate. Research the fare in advance and compare prices between cab companies. Always avoid getting into unmarked and unmetered taxis to avoid being taken advantage of.

🚨 Counterfeit Goods

💬 This is a common scam involving the selling of counterfeit goods as authentic ones. It is especially common in Waikiki, where vendors may sell fake designer clothing, jewelry, and other items.

💡 In Waikiki, it is best to purchase items from reputable stores and vendors and to research the price of an item beforehand to compare it with the price being offered. Be aware of fake and low quality goods and avoid buying them.

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