Background of Istanbul, Türkiye



🚨 Fake Police Scam

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💬 Scammers posing as police officers approach tourists on the street asking to check their wallets and identification to look for counterfeit money – a scam that is then used as an excuse to make away with their cash or passport.

💡 Be vigilant and cautious when approached by anyone asking for personal documents or money. Be aware of your immediate surroundings. If you have any doubts, ask to talk in a public place, away from streets and alleys.

🚨 Unofficial Money Exchange

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💬 Con artists operating unlicensed money exchange kiosks or stalls promise a higher exchange rate than the actual market rate. They then use sleight of hand tactics to switch the real cash you give them for counterfeits.

💡 Make sure you only use a licensed exchange office or a bank for currency exchange, and remember the exchange rate they offer should be the same as on the display boards outside their premises.

🚨 The Shoe Shine Scam

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💬 A shoe shiner 'accidentally' drops their brush, and when you pick it up, they offer a free shoe shine as a thank you. After the service, they demand a high price for their work.

💡 If you didn't ask for a service, don't feel obligated to pay. Politely decline unsolicited services, and if you end up in this situation, know local prices to avoid overpaying.

🚨 Let's Grab a Drink Scam

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💬 Someone will approach you on the street and strike up a friendly conversation, and then suggest that you join them at a great local bar. The bar will have outrageous prices and you will be forced to pay by men who'll try to intimidate you.

💡 Refuse and walk away as they try to invite you to a bar.

🚨 Airport Taxi Scam

💬 Taxi drivers operating at the airport may try to take unsuspecting passengers on an unplanned and unneeded extra-long route to reach their destination, so as to charge them a higher fee.

💡 It is recommended to agree to the fare before entering the taxi, and also make sure the driver is aware of the exact address you are headed to. The use of a trustworthy airport taxi service may be the better option.

🚨 The Traditional Hat Trick

💬 A con artist plops a traditional Turkish hat on an unsuspecting tourist’s head and yells for the tourists to give him money in return for taking a group photo with it.

💡 Be aware of people trying to give you hats, scarves or flowers for free. When politely declining their offer, they may become aggressive and demand money from you. If you find yourself in this situation, remain calm and demand the item back and leave.

🚨 Golden Ring Scam

💬 A scammer poses as a religious beggar, often showing off a golden ring with an inscription and claiming it was stolen from a mosque. Victims are asked to donate money to help him out.

💡 It is important to respectfully decline requests for donations, as it is likely to be a scam. If possible, also inform the authorities, who can help apprehend the scammers.

🚨 Friendly local

💬 A local asks if he can help with directions, then leads you around to a few places to takes photos. Then demands money !

💡 Smile knowingly and walk away

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