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🚨 Free Gift Scam

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💬 This scam usually occurs at tourist spots and involves someone offering a free gift or souvenir. Once you accept the gift, they will pressure you to buy something or donate money.

💡 Be aware of anyone offering something that is too good to be true. Do not accept any free gifts and avoid getting into a conversation or elaborate discussion with the scammers.

🚨 Fake Police Scam

💬 This is a scam where someone dressed as a police officer approaches you demanding to see your identification and money. Often times they claim that they are looking for counterfeit currency or fake goods.

💡 Be aware of anyone claiming to be an official Portuguese police officer. Ask to see their police identification and never give them your money or identification.

🚨 Taxi Scam

💬 In this scam, the taxi driver may use a different route or charge inflated rates for your ride. They may also try to convince you to visit an overpriced store or restaurant.

💡 Be sure to agree on a price before hiring a taxi. For rides, consider using ride-sharing services, or pre-booking a taxi to save money.

🚨 Distraction Scam

💬 This scam involves one or more individuals trying to distract your attention while another person steals your wallet or other valuables. They may try to ask for directions, spill something on you, pick a fight or try to engage you in a conversation.

💡 Stay alert when in busy places and avoid getting into conversation with strangers. Be aware of when your belongings are being handled and try to keep an eye on your surroundings at all times.

🚨 Phony Fast Money Scam

💬 In this scam, someone will approach you offering an easy way to make quick money. Often times they will ask you to buy a certain product and then resell it for a higher price. However, the product is often of low quality and not worth the money.

💡 Avoid any offers of easy money. Be wary of anyone offering substantial amounts of money without any risk. Never buy any products from strangers and be sure to research them thoroughly first.

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