Background of Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles

United States

🚨 Flimflam Rental Car Price-Fixing

💬 This scam involves rental car locations overcharging their customers for services that were not requested or quoted in advance. Usually, these rental locations are located near popular locations and airports and target tourists unfamiliar with the local area

💡 Always read the fine print before initiating any type of contract with a rental car company in Los Angeles. Do research on each company and their services, and only use those that guarantee an exact quote over the phone, internet, or in person.

🚨 Fake Charity Scams

💬 Fake charities are often set up with the goal of taking advantage of tourists. Signs may be posted at popular landmarks, with those collecting donations typically prompting individuals to donate a certain amount of money.

💡 Be discerning of any charity that solicits donations at the street level and always do your research beforehand to make sure it is a legitimate charity. Ask for official paperwork—such as registration papers—or request contact information to verify its validity.

🚨 Smash-and-Grab Scams

💬 In this strategy, thieves smash your car window while you are stopped at an intersection or in traffic. While you are distracted, the perpetrators will take your belongings from inside the car. This often happens in neighborhoods that are known to attract tourists.

💡 Be aware of your surroundings and never leave any valuable items in your car, even if you plan on being away from your car for a few minutes. Be sure to lock your car and if possible, park in a well-lit area that is monitored by security cameras.

🚨 Street Vendor Scams

💬 These scams occur when a street vendor takes advantage of tourists by either over-charging them or selling them counterfeit goods and souvenirs. The vendors may also take advantage of tourists by charging them an exorbitant fee for certain services.

💡 Never take the first offer given to you by a street vendor and always conduct comparative shopping. Be mindful of the price and quality of goods or services being offered, and it is best to abstain from participating in any activities that involve a street vendor if you are unsure of their credibility.

🚨 Fake Mix Tape Scam

💬 A few large men will shove a CD (with random songs on it) into your hands and refuse to take it back. Then will demand payment for it and intimidate you into paying around $20 for it. One of the locations they'll be on is the Venice boardwalk and Hollywood Blvd.

💡 Be aware of this scam when at busy places.

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