Background of Milano, Milan, Italy



🚨 Friendly Stranger

πŸ’¬ The scammer will approach you as a friendly local offering to help you find your way around the city, show you the sights, recommend places to eat, etc. However they will then attempt to charge you for this β€˜service’ or take you to a store and pressure you into buying something.

πŸ’‘ Always be wary of people offering you help. Politely decline their offers and find your own way around.

🚨 Change Scam

πŸ’¬ The scammer will offer to exchange currency for a fee. They will either give you fake bills, old bills, or shortchange you. This is usually done with an accomplice who approaches you as a helpful bystander to check the bills.

πŸ’‘ Be wary of anyone offering to exchange currency for you, and use only official exchange bureaus.

🚨 Pickpocketing

πŸ’¬ Pickpockets are very common in tourist areas. They make their living by stealing from unsuspecting tourists. They operate in crowded areas and prefer to work in teams.

πŸ’‘ Be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings close to you. Always use a money belt or concealed pouch to store items such as money, passports, and credit cards.

🚨 Taxi Scam

πŸ’¬ Unscrupulous taxi drivers will try to take advantage of tourists who don't know their way around the city. They may take a long route or try to overcharge you for a ride. They may also try to pressure you into taking tours or buying goods.

πŸ’‘ Always use a legitimate taxi service, such as a licensed white cab. Negotiate a price before getting in the taxi and always ask for a receipt.

🚨 Restaurant Scam

πŸ’¬ These scam artists target tourists in restaurants. They may offer fixed-price menus that are grossly overpriced, charge for extras you didn't order, or add illegal service charges to the bill. They may also offer to take you to other restaurants, then add a fee for the service.

πŸ’‘ Always ask for a written menu and do not accept any verbal quotes. Ask for clarification of any charges that seem suspicious and never accept unasked-for 'gifts' such as alcoholic drinks.

🚨 Fake Police

πŸ’¬ This scam usually takes place late at night when tourists are vulnerable. The scammer will pose as a police officer and ask for your wallet and money. They may also ask to check your passport or other identification.

πŸ’‘ Always ask to see the police officer's identification card. Official law enforcement officers will never demand money. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable, find a safe place and call the police to verify their authority.

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