Background of Paris, France



🚨 Sign a petition scam

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πŸ’¬ One person tries to get you to sign a petition or make a donation. While one person distracts you with the petition on a clipboard the accomplice (pickpocket) tries to steal from you.

πŸ’‘ Just don't stop to sign any petition or give a donation while on the streets of Paris.

🚨 Gold Ring Scam

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πŸ’¬ The gold ring scam is a scam that is common in Paris. A stranger will approach you on the street and offer you a valuable gold ring that they claim to have just found. The ring may be very cheap, and they will offer it to you at a much higher price. After taking your money, they will provide a fake log of the transaction as evidence.

πŸ’‘ To avoid this scam, never accept items from strangers. If they approach you with a suspicious offer, tell them to go away and take the offer elsewhere. Be sure to never hand over any money on the spot for an item you do not know the value of.

🚨 Pickpocket Scam

πŸ’¬ Pickpocketing is a common scam in Paris, where a pickpocket uses distraction tactics to attract your attention while stealing your belongings from your pocket or bag. Pickpockets usually work in teams, and they target tourists who they can easily identify. Pickpockets often work in crowded tourist attractions, such as the Louvre and Eiffel Tower.

πŸ’‘ To avoid pickpocketing, always be aware of your surroundings and keep your valuables on you in a secure place. Also, try to avoid large crowds and keep an eye out for suspicious people. Ensure that your belongings are secure and that any bags or purses you are carrying are securely closed.

🚨 Online Ticket Scam

πŸ’¬ An online ticket scam is another common scam in Paris. An online seller may offer tickets to a tourist attraction at an overly discounted price, with the idea that these tickets are never actually valid and will not get you into the attraction. The seller may also falsely state that the attraction is currently closed in order to trick people into buying a fake ticket.

πŸ’‘ In order to avoid this scam, always check the official website of the attraction for ticket prices and availability. Never purchase tickets from anyone other than a verified ticket seller. Always research the seller before buying any tickets and verify that the tickets you are buying will actually get you into the attraction.

🚨 Friendly Stranger Scam

πŸ’¬ The friendly stranger scam is a scam in Paris where someone approaches you in the street and strikes up a conversation. The person may seem friendly and kind and offer to show you around the city. Eventually, the person may demand money or try to lure you into a dangerous situation for their personal gain.

πŸ’‘ To avoid this scam, it is best to keep your distance. Do not let someone you don’t know be your tour guide and always ask for proof of identity if you are asked for money. Be sure to avoid any offers that sound too good to be true.

🚨 Bracelet scam

πŸ’¬ Scammers will tie a bracelet on your hand, saying it's a gift. Once the bracelet is on your hand, they will demand money.

πŸ’‘ Never accept gifts from strangers, especially in very touristic places.

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