Background of Phuket, Phuket, Thailand



🚨 Bar Scam

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💬 After arriving in their destination, tourists may be approached by new 'friends' and encouraged to drinks at an overpriced bar or club.

💡 Be wary of strangers offering to take you out, and always ask for the bill before ordering any drinks.

🚨 Jet Ski Rental Scam

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💬 Rental companies may claim damage was done to the jet ski, and demand payment for the repair costs from vacationers.

💡 Before renting a jet ski, take pictures and videos of any minor damage to the vehicle and get a written agreement from the rental company.

🚨 Taxi Scam

💬 Taxi drivers may substitute the meter with a fixed rate they choose, or threaten to take the tourist to the wrong destination unless they pay an inflated fee.

💡 Be sure to only travel with reputable taxi companies and ask for the meter to be used.

🚨 Jewelry/Clothing Scam

💬 Salespeople in tourist areas will try to convince you to buy overpriced jewelry or clothing, claiming the merchandise is of high quality.

💡 Do your research online or talk to a trusted local about what is a fair price before buying any merchandise.

🚨 Spa/Massage Scam

💬 Tourists may be offered massages or spa treatments, which suddenly become more expensive than promised after the services are completed.

💡 Be sure to negotiate the price of the service before starting and never pay in cash.

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