Background of Praha, Prague, Czech Republic


Czech Republic

🚨 Counterfeit Currency Scam

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💬 This is a common scam to watch out for in the city of Prague. Tourists will either be given fake money as change from a purchase, or have it dropped into their wallet without their knowledge, hoping they won’t notice. Later, when they go to spend the money, they’ll find out it’s worthless.

💡 It’s best to always check the currency you are given for signs of counterfeiting. If you feel you have been given counterfeit currency, report it to the police or bank.

🚨 Restaurant Scam: Charging for Everything on the Table

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💬 Some restaurants in Prague charge you for absolutely everything they put on your table. Never eat any food on the table or order something without confirming the price of what you order. For example, they will seat you at a table with bread and butter. They will not mention a price or ask if you'd like bread. You might assume it's free, but if you eat them, they'll charge you a lot.

💡 Tell them to remove everything from the table when you sit down. Or leave and find a better restaurant.

🚨 Peggy’s Pretzel Scam

💬 This is a common scam in Prague. It is when two women approach tourists in the Old Town Square and offer them a delicious free sample of “Peggy’s Pretzel.” But after they eat it, the women demand money. It is illegal, so victims are advised to not to pay and report the scam immediately to local authorities.

💡 Don’t accept food being offered on the street, especially if it’s for free. Report it immediately to local authorities.

🚨 Taxi Meter Scam

💬 This scam is common in larger cities such as Prague. Taxi drivers will often overcharge tourists by running the meter faster than it should be. The fare can end up being several times the amount than expected.

💡 It’s best to always agree to a fare before getting in the taxi. Also, do your research before getting in; know what the average fare for the same route should be and keep track of the meter. You can also use a ride-hailing app which has a built-in system to prevent this type of scam.

🚨 Roaming Musicians Scam

💬 Roaming musicians are sometimes seen in popular tourist areas in Prague, performing various musical acts. After the act is over, they’ll demand money. They usually don’t take no for an answer, and can be aggressive if payments are not given.

💡 It’s best to politely decline the performance, and if they still demand money, it’s best to leave the area as quickly as possible. If you witness this occurring in the city, you should report it to the police.

🚨 Pickpocketing Scam

💬 Pickpocketing is a common scam in Prague. Tourists should be careful when walking around large crowds, as thieves will often take advantage of the situation and try to steal from unsuspecting victims.

💡 It’s best to always keep wallets, phones and other personal items in secure pockets that are hard to access, and to keep your purse or bag close to your body at all times. If you feel that you are being targeted by pickpockets, it’s best to be alert and to move away as quickly as possible.

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