Background of San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco

United States

🚨 Credit Card Skimming

💬 Credit Card Skimming is a technique used by scammers to steal your credit card information using a device, usually an ATM skimmer, that secretly stores the data off your credit cards magnetic strip.

💡 Be vigilant when using credit cards and at ATMs. Always cover your hand when typing in your pin code, and be aware of any suspicious machines or foreign objects. Also, always check for a blue security chip at the front of the machine before swiping your card.

🚨 Fake Ticket Scam

💬 In this scam, a scammer sells a victim a counterfeit ticket to an event or attraction in San Francisco, such as a concert or museum. The victim then finds out the ticket is not valid.

💡 To avoid this scam, never buy tickets from an unofficial source and always double-check that tickets are valid.

🚨 Impersonator Scam

💬 In this scam, a scammer poses as someone in authority, such as a police officer. They may ask for your identification or claim to need to conduct a search. They may then demand a ‘fine’ or ‘fee’ in exchange for not filing charges.

💡 To avoid this scam, always ask for the individual’s identification and contact the police department to verify if someone claiming to be a police officer is actually a member of the department.

🚨 Fake Tickets

💬 Fake ticket scams involve con artists selling seemingly legitimate tickets to tourists that are either fake or have been claimed already. Common targets for this scam include concert and sporting events.

💡 Check the credentials of the seller and always purchase tickets from offive authorized vendors and box offices.

🚨 Fake Homeless Beggar

💬 This scam is prevalent in popular tourist areas, such as Fisherman's Wharf. Fake beggars will feign homelessness in order to solicit money from tourists. They may be overly aggressive and intimidating, asking for donations in exchange for items or stories.

💡 Do not give money to people claiming to be homeless. If you want to help those in need, consider donating to a reputable charity that provides assistance to those experiencing homelessness in San Francisco.

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