Background of Seoul, South Korea


South Korea

🚨 Card Skimming

💬 Card skimming is a type of scam in which thieves use ATM or credit card swiping machines to steal information from credit or debit cards when they are swiped. They then use this information to commit identity theft or financial fraud.

💡 Always pay attention when using credit or debit cards, especially at pharmacies, gas stations, and other establishments where dishonest individuals may be able to access your card information more easily. Make sure to cover the ATM keypad or card reader when entering your personal information.

🚨 English Speakers

💬 Some people in Seoul will approach visitors who speak English in an attempt to scam them. These people may offer services such as tours or maps, or even just offer to show you around for free. The problem is, these people are actually just looking to get money from you in exchange for the services they are claiming to provide.

💡 Always be wary when accepting offers from strangers, no matter how nice they may seem. Do your research ahead of time and book reputable tours and services with reliable companies. If someone offers to show you around for free, politely decline and continue on your way.

🚨 Taxi Meter Trick

💬 The taxi meter trick is a common scam in Seoul. Basically, the driver will take you on a longer, more expensive route than the one you asked for, thereby increasing the fare you end up paying. They will sometimes also change the currency on the meter to make it look like you are being charged a lower rate than what you actually are.

💡 Always research the route from your accommodation to your destination so that you can check whether the driver is taking a more expensive route than necessary. Also, ask the driver to set the fare meter to the local currency before starting the journey.

🚨 Bracelet Scam.

💬 Monk looking guy approaches you with a bracelet or card & offers to put it on for you.

💡 Tell them no & walk off.

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