Background of Singapore



🚨 Fake Taxi Scams

💬 Singapore taxi drivers have been known to target unsuspecting tourists by taking them on a longer route than necessary and overcharging them at the end of the ride. These drivers may also switch out your destination last minute and take you to a different place.

💡 Be sure to only take cabs from reputable companies and always optionally agree on a fixed price before getting in the cab.

🚨 Overpricing Scams

💬 Many tourist destinations in Singapore offer incredible bargains on souvenirs and goods. Unfortunately, this potential for savings also attracts scammers who take advantage by overpricing these items or even selling fake goods.

💡 Research prices online before purchasing any souvenir items, and be sure to haggle when possible.

🚨 Fake Rolex Scams

💬 Fake Rolex watches are a common scam in Singapore, with sellers claiming they are real and even providing fake certificates of authenticity. These watches have been known to contain unfixed parts that can easily fall apart.

💡 Avoid buying Rolex watches from any street vendors and opt for purchasing from trustworthy retailers instead.

🚨 Tour Guide Scams

💬 Many unscrupulous tour guides in Singapore have been known to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists. This can include overcharging for tours, not guiding tourists to the promised destinations, or even taking a commission from local merchants for shopping.

💡 Research the tour guides thoroughly before committing to one, and always ask for a receipt for any payments made.

🚨 Bogus Charity Donation Scams

💬 Another popular scam in Singapore is bogus charity donation scams. This often includes fake charities claiming to be raising money for a cause, but in reality the money goes to the Scammer instead.

💡 Be sure to ask questions and verify any charity's legitimacy before making any donations.

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