Background of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



🚨 Fake Tour Guide Scam

💬 This scam involves a criminal posing as an official tour guide or selling tickets for a tour. They will often try to overcharge tourists for what is offered or take them to a place not listed on the tour, such as a shop where they can make a commission from sales. This scam is often found around major tourist attractions.

💡 Only take tours from officially recognised companies or tour operators and check reviews before you buy. If a tour guide offers to take you somewhere outside the normal route of the tour, do your research to ensure it is safe.

🚨 Taxi Meter Scam

💬 This scam involves taxi drivers in Sydney refusing to use the meter, instead overcharging unsuspecting tourists with exorbitant fares. This is especially prevalent around the airport where it may be difficult to negotiate the price of the trip or communicate effectively with the driver.

💡 Only take taxis that will agree to use the meter. Alternatively you can use an app such as Uber or OLA which shows the cost of the fare upfront. If the taxi driver will not agree to use the meter, you should exit the vehicle and flag down a taxi from another company.

🚨 Fake Free Wi-Fi Scam

💬 This scam involves criminals setting up fake Wi-Fi networks near popular tourist attractions and cafes with the purpose of stealing personal information or card details when tourists connect. Similarly, they might also have a signup page asking for personal details in exchange for access to free Wi-Fi.

💡 Be wary of any public Wi-Fi networks, especially those that are unsecured or open. You should never share any personal or financial information when using a public network. If you need Wi-Fi, use a reputable provider such as cafes or hotels that require sign-ins.

🚨 Pickpocketing

💬 This involves criminals stealing items such as cash, credit cards, passports and other valuables from unsuspecting tourists in crowded areas. This also ties in with the 'distraction scam', whereby offenders will try to create a distraction to steal from someone.

💡 Be aware your belongings at all times and be on the lookout for any suspicious behaviour. Keep your wallet and cards in a safe and secure place, such as a front pocket or a money belt. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash in public and use a registered security company for transporting valuables.

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