Background of Tbilisi, Georgia



🚨 Taxi Scam

💬 Taxis in Tbilisi often overcharge tourist for rides. Drivers may not use the meter, or they may misrepresent the total fare for a ride.

💡 Always ask the driver to use the meter, or negotiate a fixed fee before you enter the taxi.

🚨 Fake ATMs

💬 Some ATMs in Tbilisi may be fake and set up to collect card information. Even if an ATM is genuine, your bank may charge you extra fees for using it.

💡 Always use a trusted ATM, preferably one that is inside a bank branch or reputable establishment.

🚨 Fake Police

💬 Fake police officers may approach tourists and accuse them of breaking a law, in order to try to extort money. These 'police officers' may not have any official identification.

💡 Do not engage with fake police officers. Ask to see their police identification and, if in doubt, contact the local police station.

🚨 Pickpocketing

💬 Pickpocketing is common in crowded public areas in Tbilisi, such as the Metro, public transport, and markets. Thieves often target foreigners who may be less familiar with the area.

💡 Keep personal items close to you, be aware of your surroundings, and never carry large amounts of cash or other valuable items on you.

🚨 Coin Exchange

💬 It is common to be approached by 'local money exchangers' offering to exchange GEL for foreign coins at a very good rate. However, they will often switch the coins after you have handed them over.

💡 Only exchange money at official banks or currency exchange offices. Do not exchange money with people offering to do so publicly on the street.

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