Background of Vienna, Austria



🚨 Free Flower Scam

💬 The scammer approaches a tourist and offers a free flower or ribbon to braid their hair in an effort to distract them while another person covertly steals from them.

💡 Always be cognizant of your belongings and the surrounding environment and never accept a free flower from a stranger.

🚨 Pickpocketing

💬 Pickpocketing is a prevalent form of theft in Vienna. Scammers use a variety of methods to steal wallets, bags, phones, jewelry, and other valuable items from unsuspecting tourists.

💡 Be aware of your surroundings when in public and always keep your wallet, handbag, or phone in a secure place.

🚨 Fake Tour Guides

💬 There are many fake tour guides in Vienna that offer overly ambitious promises of grand tours or experiences. These guides act as though they are authorized to give tours of certain attractions or neighborhoods, but they are not actually licensed to do so.

💡 Be wary of anyone who claims to be an official tour guide. Make sure to check for a badge or other credentials before agreeing to anything.

🚨 Overpricing Scam

💬 Tourists in Vienna may find themselves being charged much more than usual for services, such as taxi rides or purchases from vendors. The scammers may claim that their prices are the standard and refuse to lower the rate.

💡 Be aware of the standard prices for services and items and never be willing to pay more than necessary if approached by a scammer.

🚨 Credit Card Fraud

💬 Some dishonest vendors in Vienna use skimming or other methods to steal credit card information from unsuspecting tourists. This information is then used to make fraudulent purchases and withdrawals.

💡 Keep your credit cards and other personal belongings secure at all times and use cash for purchases whenever possible.

🚨 Bait and Switch Scam

💬 This scam is especially common with taxi services. The scammers initially quote a low rate for a ride, then later add numerous fees or falsely claim that there is not enough money for the ride.

💡 When taking a taxi, it is recommended to double check the charges and fees before getting into the ride.

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